Contractor Onboarding

Onboard your contractors and collect necessary information with Morta. On a project where multiple contractors are involved, managing the process becomes messy, to say the least. It starts with them getting onboarded. Contractor Onboarding is the process of getting your contractors on the job. Part of it means having them submit certain documents like work permits, the plan of work or the schedule of values, and the other part falls under the responsibility of the main contractor to ensure logistics are in place, necessary trainings are provided, safety measures are taken, access to project offices and software is granted.

Morta provides a template that caters for Contractor Onboarding. This is a customisable template that can be further customised to include other information that you might require. The template includes sections related to the allocation of the contractor's team, the submission of bank details, compliance documentation, plan of work (schedule) and schedule of values; in addition to a section that allows to get the contractor on the required software/systems.

Onboarding - Process

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