Invoice Management

Collect, track, and approve invoices. 
Invoice Management falls under commercial tasks and is usually an internal business function that is linked directly to procurement. It results in securing the purchases of products and services with payment after reconciliation or validation is done.

Morta offers templates to collect, manage and process invoice documents from vendors and suppliers. The process starts with invoice collection using a simple form. The form allows you to attach the invoice files and add details of invoice number, date, amount, currency and vendor in addition to optionally linking the cost code, delivery note and the purchase order related to that invoice. The form can be customised to include other information that you may require.

The collection of invoices is usually followed by a review process. Using this simple table, all added invoices can be managed, tracked and approved until they are authorized for payment. An invoice can be linked to the specific month of your payment application or could be referenced to your accounting ledger by cost code. 

Related Use-Cases:

This use-case relates to multiple solutions such as the 'Commercial Management' solution, the 'Material and Procurement Management' solution or the 'Facility Management' solution and is therefore related to use-cases such as Chart of Accounts, Payment Application Management, Purchase Order ManagementFacility Management, Issue Management, Job Management.