Purchase Order Management

Submit and manage purchase orders. Purchase Order Management is an internal procurement process adopted by organisations to ensure that every purchase is necessary, justified and optimized for costs. On your construction projects, you would want to manage the submission and review of your purchase orders which usually occurs after the approval of the relevant material approval requests. You would want to also streamline the submissions with the receipt of material to your stores and sites. And last but not least, you would want to ensure related invoices are processed accordingly.

Morta streamlines this whole process efficiently. Morta provides templates to submit and review purchase orders using simple forms. This form includes an attachment of the PO file, adding the date, the vendor, the type of the material, the delivery point as well as cost and discount related data. This form can be further customised to include more details that you may require, keeping in mind that this dataset can be linked to material approval requests, delivery notes and invoices.


All submitted purchase orders can be managed, reviewed and tracked using a simple table. This table allows for reviewers to view the files and the associated details and mark their comments. Similarly, the issuing contractor can track submissions and responses. Rules like the expected reply period and setting up notifications can also be added.

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