Vendor management

Manage vendors, contractors and organisations.
Managing and maintaining a list of all the organisations your company or project deals with is critical. It could be part of your reference or master data; allowing you to have access to companies' details, addresses, contacts and type of work, in addition to being able to perform the needed periodic evaluation of each.

Morta offers a list of templates where you can add new vendors, contractors and organisations using a simple form. You can add the basic information about the company from name, description, role, type as well as address and contact details. This form can be customised to include other information that you might require.

Vendor List - Add New


All additions are then stored in this simple table where you can manage your vendors, contractors and organisations and track their evaluation process. Evaluation can include the Quality and Controls Managers' assessment and remarks as well as your Area Managers or Customer's approvals, as necessary.

Vendor List - Manage

Related Use-Cases:

This use-case relates directly to Vendor Pre-qualification. After a vendor is added, they are to undergo the assessment questionnaire after which the result of the evaluation is maintained. This also relates to the 'Contractor Procurement' solution and is therefore related to use-cases such as Package definition, Bid Review and Selection and Award.

This also acts as a reference list to many of the other use-cases where the stakeholders are defined, such as Purchase Orders, Invoice Management and Payment Application Management.