Contract Package Definition

Define and manage your project packages or tenders on Morta.

The Packaging or tendering process usually involves the preparation of tenders/packages that describe a project or a segment of a project. It is part of the Contractor Procurement or Contractor Selection process, by which the packages are defined, contractors are then invited for tender submissions after which a selection can be made. Defining and managing a list of project packages is key for the process to continue.

Morta provides a list of templates that cater for the definition of new packages and management of existing ones across a project. These packages can then be used for the publication and prequalification stages before an award can happen.

The process begins by defining new packages using a simple form. This step includes defining the package details with a description, the relevant discipline, the start and finish dates of the related works allocating the budgeted value and the required response date; in addition to optionally adding the provisional list of invited contractors and attaching relevant files.

SC Packages - Add New


After packages are defined, they are logged into this simple table after which they could be further managed. Adding contractors, updating allocated budgets, assigning the awarded contractors and updating the package's status are a few details of what you would want to manage. Defining rules such as the number of contractors required to bid, or the sequence of a package life cycle can also be customised. 

SC Packages - Manage

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