Payment Application Management

Submit and manage payment applications. An application for payment is a construction document that outlines what a contractor is entitled to and how a contractor will be paid. The payment application lists all costs involved in the execution of the works including the services, resources or materials used under a contract agreement. Preparation, submission, reconciliation and processing falls under Payment Application Management. When a project involves multiple contractors submitting applications on monthly basis, finding tools to expedite payment and minimize the possibility of errors is key.

Morta provides templates to submit and review payment applications. In further scenarios, Morta can help in the generation of payment applications after the reconciliation of costs when handled on the platform. In simple cases, a contractor can submit payment applications using a simple form after which review can take place. This form includes an attachment of the application files as well as details identifying it with a description, the month it is related to, the phase of whether it is a draft or final along with the amount and currency. This form can be customised to include more details that you may require.

Review and track of the submitted applications can take place in a simple table. All submitted payment applications are logged in a table where you can further manage, update phases and track responses. Reviewers can get access to the submitted files and the accompanying details and can add their comments along with the approved amounts for each of the monthly certificates. And contractors or issuers of the payments can have access to track the responses and thus their payments.

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