Contractor Prequalification

Assess your newly added vendors, contractors and organisations on Morta.

By procedure, you would want to maintain a list of prequalified or approved vendors to deal with. These could be vendors of products or of services. Every newly added vendor would usually undergo an assessment process after which they are approved to do the job. This assessment process can be in the form of submitting documentation and details about their commitments, accomplishments and financials; in addition to ensuring compliance to specifications and regulations.

Morta handles this process through a digitized assessment questionnaire. Using this document, a vendor can submit documentation, fill out company details, provide information related to products, services, experience, commitments, financials, insurance and respond to compliance-related questions that revolve around the topics of Ethics, Quality and Safety among others. Lastly, after it is sealed with the vendor's signature, the questionnaire can be reviewed by the dedicated parties resulting in either approval or rejection. This form can sure be tailored to suit your requirements and procedures.

Vendor List - Assessment (1)

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This use-case is related to Vendor Management. It is also part of the the 'Contractor Procurement' solution and is therefore related to use-cases such as Package definition, Bid Review and Selection, Pre-qualification, and Award.