Facility Management

Add, track, and manage your facilities on Morta. 
Facility Management is a process that revolves around the maintenance of an organisation's buildings and equipment. This includes managing the repair and maintenance program in an efficient and effective way.

Morta provides templates that assist in managing your facilities and tracking the repair issues and the maintenance jobs done as well as securing the payment of related invoices.

Manage facilities using a simple process. One that includes sections related to adding new and managing existing facilities, raising repair issues, creating job orders per repair as well as submitting invoices.


Register Facilities using a simple form. Define your facilities names, descriptions, categories, locations, values and add details like operations start date and maintenance frequency. This form can be further customised to include more information that you might require.

After facilities or assets are registered, you can manage them using this simple table. Reviewing parties can approve the added assets and details like depreciated values or status can be updated.

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