Request for Information

Submit, track and respond to requests for information. 
In construction, a Request for Information (RFI) seeks the clarification of plans, drawings, specifications, and agreements. The construction RFI is a formal written process in which parties, such as the contractor and designer, clarify information gaps in construction documents. The issuer would want to submit a request for information and expects a response or a clarification within a defined period of time. Issues raised might vary in priority and differ in the resulting impact on the project's plan or cost.

Morta caters for this process from the creation or submission of RFI's to the review and closure. Create a Request for Information using a simple form. This form includes details like a title, the description of the inquiry, the category or type of work it relates to, the priority, as well as detailing whether or not an RFI has a potential cost or time impact or might potentially result in a change order. The form also allows attaching supporting documents if needed. This form can be customised to include more details as necessary.

All RFI's submitted are then logged into a list. You may track Requests for Information in a simple table format where you can manage, update, sort, filter and track responses. This helps in maintaining a traceable global list of RFI's for the project.

Responders can have access to a view of the table. The access provided will ensure the reviewing entity cannot access the submitted details and files, but only view and respond with comments and remarks as necessary. Responded requests can be notified to the involved parties, and rules such as the period allowed for response can be defined.

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