Inspection Request Management

Submit and manage payment inspection requests. On an ongoing construction project, when work is completed by a contractor, an inspection is then done to verify the quality and correctness of the job. This is where an Inspection Request is raised. Inspection requests or IRs are usually written requests submitted by the construction contractor for the project inspector to complete an inspection of the work in progress as required under the Inspection Plan. Inspection requests are designed to ensure quality and safety throughout your project and to guarantee that works progress as planned and are according to requirements and standards.

Inspection Requests Management is the process of managing the submission of IR's, the inspections carried out and the review or closure of those requests in a timely manner.

Morta provides templates that cater for the submission and review of IR's. Submit inspection requests using a simple form. This form includes data like the IR's description, inspection date, discipline, location, level, objects ids, the inspector as well as stating the verifying documents or the inspection checklists. This form can be further tailored to include details that you might require and can be designed to mimic your project's work breakdown structure. In the presence of a material take-off where the construction elements or object ids are defined, Morta allows building a digital version of the scope and linking the take-off to your inspection requests as well as your progress.

All submitted inspection requests can then be reviewed and tracked using a simple table. This table provides access to the inspectors to carry out their inspections accordingly and record their comments and remarks. This also allows the construction team to track their inspection statuses and verify the progress of their completed work. Rules like the expected response time or setting up a notification system can be customised.

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