Non-Conformance Report Management

Submit and manage non-conformance reports. A Non-Conformance Report, non-conformity report or NCR, is a design or construction-related document that addresses issues where work fails to meet agreed quality standards and procedures or where there has been a deviation from the project specification. Such deviations are recorded in NCRs mostly during internal and external audits and are then followed up until closure. The reports help define the problems in a clear and concise way so that management can take steps to implement the required changes.

In your organisation, you would want to manage your non-conformances in an efficient way taking into consideration that they could lead to rework, product recall, and decreased productivity; which is to be monitored and, in the best-case-scenarios, learned from and avoided.

Morta provides simple templates to submit and follow up on Non-Conformance Reports. Submit non-conformance reports using a simple form. This form collects data like the subject of the NCR, the cause, the related discipline, the date, the person in charge of taking corrective actions as well as attaching supporting documents. This form can be customised to include more details that you may require.

After your non-conformance reports are submitted, they are logged into this table. You can then review and track non-conformance reports using a simple table. This table allows access to involved parties where the person in charge can report back when reworking or corrective actions have been completed and the issuer can then review and close the related matters. This can act as a reference list that can help build your analytics and quality-related KPI's.

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