Punch Items Management

Submit and manage punch items. A Punch Item or a Punch list is a document prepared during key milestones or near the end of a construction project listing work that is not conforming to contract specifications and that must be completed prior to final payment. This is a critical portion of your project's closeout and handover. Managing your punch items is crucial to the completeness of your project. Recorded punch items are assigned to categories that describe the priority or the criticality of the issues. You would want to manage major punch items that require immediate action in a timely fashion while also ensuring the closure of minor ones. 

Morta provides templates to create, review and manage punch items. Submit your punch lists using a simple form. This form collects data like the category, description, discipline, location, level, related inspection request and the corrective action required to be carried out. This form can be linked directly to your inspection requests list, can be designed to mimic your work breakdown structure and can be tailored to include more details that you might require.


Review and track punch items using a simple table. All submitted or raised punch items are then logged into a table. This table is accessible by all involved parties to review and take corrective actions accordingly. Rules like periodic alerts or notifications can be defined to streamline this process.

Related Use-Cases:

This use-case is part of the 'Quality Management' solution and is therefore related to use-cases such as Inspection Request Management and Non-Conformance Reports Management.