Bidding Invites

Send your bidding invites and requests for proposals using Morta.

Bidding invites or rather known as the Publication stage is when proposed contractors are invited to submit their bids against project defined packages. It is part of the Contractor Procurement process and usually includes the package details, relevant files and the expected response date per package.

Morta caters for this stage linking it directly to the defined packages and the prequalified list of vendors. Using a simple form, you can send these bidding invites by choosing the package, the invited contractors and optionally including a notification message; a form which can be further tailored to include any other information you require. When this form is submitted, the package details will be sent to each of the invitees notifying them to submit their bidding applications on or before the required response date.Bidding Invites - Send


All bidding invites are then logged into a simple table for reference. You can monitor your publications per package and keep track of what and when your requests for proposals were sent. 

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