Bid Application and Review

Enable your contractors to submit bids to be reviewed by your team. 

As part of procuring services, every organization has to run a bidding review and selection process (also known as a tendering process). As part of that, bidders have to submit their proposals and/or quotations to the buyer. The buyer then has to review the prospective bids, compare them against certain KPIs, and ensure that the processes adhered to business requirements such as having a minimum number of bidders. 

To enhance this process, Morta has built a set of templates that allow users to submit their bids to then be reviewed by the bidding team. The process begins with an application form that the bidder can submit, collecting key data such as Quotation Amount, Currency, any relevant attachments, and can be customized to collect any other information you require. 

SC Package Bids - Add New


This is then followed by a table where the bidding team can view all submitted bids, compare quoted amounts to budgeted value, and ensure that every package had the required number of bidders. 

SC Package Bids - Comparison Sheets

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