Risk Management

Collect, track and manage risks. 
By definition, Risk Management is the identification, evaluation, and prioritisation of risks followed by coordinated actions to minimise, monitor, and control the probability or impact of unfortunate events or to maximise the realization of opportunities. This applies to construction organisations running projects. These organisations should maintain a Risk Register, which is the document that acts as a repository for all identified risks and includes relevant information such as the nature of the risk and mitigation measures.

Morta provides templates to create or add risks and to maintain a risk register. Using a simple form, you can create newly identified risks. This form includes data like title, probability, impact and severity in addition to identifying the mitigation and contingent actions to be taken. The form can be customised to include more details that you may require.


All created risks will then be logged into a table that acts as your Risk Register. This table can be used to manage, track and review the risks and can stand as a reference to share with your organisations' global register. 

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