Organisation Register

Add, manage, and view organisations. Every organisation should maintain and manage a master list of all other organisations it deals with, thus an Organisation Register. This allows keeping track of vendors, suppliers, subcontractors, manufacturers, designers, consultants and clients, among other roles. Some of these organisations are dealt with directly as part of the awarded contract agreement, and others can be added throughout the life cycle of a project after an evaluation or assessment process is done.

You might want to track your best suppliers of material or the non-conforming vendors of services. Maintaining an Organization Register provides that insight and more. It can be a register to inherit between projects of the same area and one to guide you for specialised designers or manufacturers whenever needed.

Morta provides templates to add new as well as evaluate and assess organisations. You can add a new organisation using a simple form. The form collects details such as the organisation name, description, type of work, role, registration number, website, in addition to contact and address related information. This form can be customised to include more details that you might require.


All added organisations are then stored into a simple table where you can manage and track status and assessments. This table can be customised to include details for periodic post-hire assessments or votes.

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This use-case belongs to the 'Project Management' solution and is thus related to use-cases like Project Charter, Risk Management, Change Request Management, Request for Information and Plan of Work.