BIM Model Management

Submit, track and manage models. 
BIM models are an integral part of construction projects nowadays. Complex jobs require such a shared digital representation of a built asset to facilitate the design, construction and operation processes. BIM Model Management is thus critical ensuring submission and review of models in a timely fashion takes place.

Morta provides templates to submit and review BIM models. This is part of what could be a specific document template on Morta. Submit your models using such a simple form. A form that includes details of a model such as a title, originator, system, location, level, discipline/role and classification in addition to attachments. This form can be customised to include more details that you may require, especially ones related to your models' classifications and work breakdown structure.

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BIM models submitted can then be tracked and reviewed using a simple table. It allows access to the uploaded files, the related details as well as a space for reviewing parties to add their comments and remarks as necessary. The same table can be used to track submissions and revisions, manage content and monitor responses.

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