Document Management

Submit, track and manage documents. 
Document Management is an integral part of every organisation and every project. The document control unit is where all the traffic of documents and records submissions and approvals happen, gathered from various departmental sources of a project and different reviewing entities. Building the document register and tracking responses as well as sending notifications to involved parties in a timely fashion is key. Managing documents is where you want to collect, process, track and store documents, all while handling versions and reducing paper.

Morta offers templates that help enhance the process from document submission to review to archiving. Submit a document using a simple form. One that includes key data such as the document title, the document type, the issue date and the purpose of issue along with the attachment(s). Morta handles document versions and allows for revisions of the same document to be submitted. This form can sure be customised to include more details that you might require.

All submitted documents are then listed into a simple table with access to the document issuer, the reviewer as well as all involved parties. A reviewing entity can then provide their comments and remarks within the time period allowed for each document type. Responded documents are notified to all involved parties. Rules like the review workflow of documents, the review periods and the involved parties can be defined to make this process run more efficient and effective.

Related Use-Cases:

This use-case falls under the topic of 'Information Management' and is related to use-cases like BIM model Management and building an Engineering Register. These are specific document templates built on Morta to define specific attributes or properties per document type.