Morta Use Cases

In our last post, we highlighted that Morta's platform is as flexible as a spreadsheet. We are working with organisations across the supply chains across a range of functions to improve data quality, connect information and automate processes.

Below are some of the use cases organisations are adopting Morta for.

Organisation & portfolio management 

Organisations can use Morta to manage their workforce, expenses, prospects, customers, vendors, suppliers, projects and more. They can use bring together key data across projects, monitor the performance of projects across their portfolio, and turn project data into organisational data. In our experience, we've found that while organisations have data about suppliers on a project by project basis, it is difficult for them to understand the performance of suppliers across projects. Similarly, learning about their average spending on different materials and activities is near impossible. 

Project management & controls

Projects management and controls teams can utilise Morta to manage construction, renovation or refurbishment projects that involve multiple team members and stakeholders. This solution helps project managers manage project stakeholders, packages, activities and tasks all in a single environment, eliminating the need for countless spreadsheets, emails and systems. Moreover, it provides the team with a single view of the different elements of project controls including progress monitoring, quality management, cost control, procurement, etc. 

Information management

Information managers can utilise Morta across their Information Management Lifecycle. They can define information requirements and create information management documentation, automatically check whether submitted information models conform to requirements and track the completeness of the information. Unlike other tools, this focuses on all your information needs including supply chain data (eg. material), financial data, documents and BIM models.

Contractor management and payment applications

Contract managers can utilise Morta to manage their relationship with their contractors, including onboarding, day-to-day management, and close-out. Examples of this include request for information, project change requests, progress reports and payment applications. Morta's automation capabilities enable the validation and verification of payment applications for instance. 

Commercial, Cost and Financial Management

Cost managers can utilise Morta across the cost-management lifecycle. They can price the project, create budgets, collect costs, automatically produce cost reports and track the financial health of the project. This can be linked to other key data sets such as progress, material approval requests, and procurement to automate reconciliation processes. 

Procurement and Asset Management

Procurement and material managers can use Morta across the material lifecycle. This includes material approval requests, inspection requests, requisitions, purchase orders, issuing material and so on. Organisations can continuously track the status of their purchase orders and material inventory at any given point in time. They can automate activities such as material forward planning based on the scheduled activities on-site. 

Do you have any processes you still use spreadsheets for that you are looking to streamline? Get in touch to discuss your project and see how Morta's next-generation spreadsheet can help - we are always on the look out for new use cases.


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