Information management abbreviations and acronyms

You want to learn about Information Management or Building Information Modelling (BIM) so you start reading articles online. You quickly find all kinds of acronyms (OIRs, PIRs, LAPs, APs, the list goes on). Sometimes they even use the same letters (does an EIR ring a bell?) which makes things even more confusing. While there are lists of abbreviations and terms in each of the UK BIM Framework Guidance documents (which we sourced the initial list of Abbreviations and terms below from) and in any standard you read, we couldn't find ONE list that summarised what you need to know. 

So here it is, the definitive list of abbreviations and acronyms for Information Managers. If we missed out any, let us know! Hope this helps. 

AIM: Asset information model
AIR: Asset information requirements
API: Application programming interface
ADS: Asset data sheet 
BCF: BIM collaboration format
BEP:  BIM execution plan
BIM: Building information modelling
bSDD: buildingSMART data dictionary
CAFM: Computer aided facility management
CDE: Common data environment
CDBB: Centre for Digital Built Britain
CIH: Construction Innovation Hub
COBie: Construction-Operations Building information exchange
CSV: Comma-separated values (file format)
DT: Data Templates
DRM: Design responsibility matrix
EIR:  Exchange information requirements (formerly Employer Information Requirements)
EDMS: Electronic document management system
EPD: Environmental product declaration
GIA: Gross internal area
GSL: Government Soft Landings
IT: Information technology
IFC: Industry foundation classes
IDM: Information delivery manual
IFC: Industry foundation classes
KPI: Key performance indicator
LCA: Life cycle analysis
MIDP: Master information delivery plan
MVD: Model view definition
TIDP:  Task information delivery plan
RACI: Responsible, accountable, consulted, informed
RFI: Request for Information
RDS: Room data sheet
PIR: Project information requirements
PDT: Product data templates
PDS: Product data sheet
O&M: Operations and maintenance
OIR: Organizational information requirements
PIM: Project information model
PIR: Project information requirements
SAMP: Strategic Asset Management Plan
WIP: Work in progress

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